(prototype, pat. pending)

a pamphlet containing spec. and advice

Two solid brass cylindrical lengths, turned in wood then cast, with knurled areas at point of contact with human hand. 

Twelve (approx. - most appropriate number tbd) ‘hooking’ items, onto which the lengths fit, and which fit themselves onto any object on earth, by bolts.  These also in brass. 

One or Two solid strip fabric holsters, highly visible (for ease in dark circumstances), with fastening sections for all hooking items and lengths, to be worn across the/a body.

Purpose: For the enabling of the user to manifest a connection with any item they please. Simply unscrew the hooks from the holster, rebolt onto object or item of choice in an appropriate position, and then enable the item by the use of just one, or both, the brass lengths. Thus the UHD is in action. 


Device is enabling. 

Add ons are necessary. 

One device without an add on is of no use at all, but for 

as an ornamental baton. 

 - in a relay race for example. 


A note on positioning : try to find a position on your item of choice that accomodates your engaging with it in the best way possible. For some forms this will be simply a matter of centering the bolted ‘hooks.’  The handle can affix at a central point with a single ‘hook,’ for items such as lawnmowers and immersion blenders, that are best used with a two-handed grip. In other circumstances a double hooked method is more appropriate - decide at your discretion.  


A note on natural life - human/animal (when alive): For such objects, the construction of a bindle to then be held in istelf is suggested, to preserve life.


‘I used my trick with the half-inch round bar welded on to create the dovetail for the CX sized holder. And then I just used some cold-rolled flat bar I had lying around 

…now the knurling head is mounted to a larger holder that fits my lathe now, 

…these are diamond knurls in here right now, these are the crown style. 


(photo of knurling device used)

When I do knurl

the contact face is narrower

There’s something proclamatory about it

when I do knurl; self proclaiming. 

I hold. 


There is a slippery relationship between the division, the rerouting, of one’s gestural relationship with the form, both in its making and the methods, reductive, additive, negative, positive, inverse, applied to create the forms, and in their projected use. 

From and with the hand, they have arrived into a sort of fruition, if only half shoddy and prototypical, embryonic. 


from and with, but for a seperation. 

For only the hand. 

For the hand to never 

have to hold another 


or another handle 

attached onto a thing, 



A hyperextrusion of taking one’s own cutlery about. A barrier cream to other hand-object relations. Heigtening this - like the way it feels to have a layer of insulating gunge between skin and ‘the outside world’. What you do touch and hold becomes all the more present. 

An uneasy balance is set. - What you hold you have to consider how to hold, how to confront yourself with, or confront other things with. (a mirror, a spade)

What you hold, you must set into balance with the holding device - in terms of facility of holding, angle of engagement, and the active drilling into the form that is necessary at the a first holding, for the hooks and bolts to engage. 

It is hoped that at a point in your life all things with have been held, and so the use of a drill to make these initial holes will no longer be a necessity. 


All objects 

will have holes in them, 

and thus 

all objects will be ready


all objects will be ready

ready to be held 

to be held

 at a 

moment’s notice.


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