Ianus Table, 2018

European Oak (940 x 490 x 909 mm)

Awarded The Alan Peters Award for Excellence 2018.

Designed to be viewed in the round, and so to be fully symmetrical, this piece takes its name from the two-faced Roman god Janus (Ianus). 

The driving ethos of the design was to create an piece of furniture that does not act evasively in relation to the user or viewer. A such, the machinations of the piece are overt - dovetails are visible and the joinery at the legs and in the through tenons on the table surface are a focus. In order to be symmetrical the piece is not closed by an affixed back, and the turned handle detail on the front is mirrored by a corresponding half circle. 


Ianus has been exhibited at Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design, Cheltenham (2018), and Cheek to the Cliff, Love Unlimited, Glasgow (2018), see images below.

install photographs of 

Cheek to the Cliff at Love Unlimited, Glasgow

Agata IngardenKate Morgan & Emma Stern

26th October - 4th November 2018

with accompanying text commissioned by Love Unlimited: 

Kate Morgan, salt baking - a methodology 2/10/18 (2018), click through to read

Malcolm Cochrane Photography

Supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland

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